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Interesting thoughts on this. I haven't lowered my standards, and apparently am a bully for this. Which is interesting. I have this, I got it free a while ago, in my Merlin (BBC) phase. I'll have to bump it up on the TBR list.
Howdy YAL! 8 years ago
I think for me as long as it's readable I'll give it a plus at this point. This one still isn't the best by any means though. The MC has like four names and a nickname. The fact that comma rules are used fairly decently here though makes it tolerable though.
See, I'll be like, um, no, if it's not great, I'll call it out for that. I think I'm still fairly equal when it comes to SPAs and tradpubs - there's just a higher percentage of awful SPAs.
Howdy YAL! 8 years ago
Oh, I'm still going to call it out for it's problems. I just think I'll be able to stomach through this one instead of DNF-ing it and at it's worse it might only get one star instead of half a star. I seriously, think perception of these books started changing with From the Ghettos to the Grands. It made me realize just how many functional illiterates there are in the world. And for that matter, how many functional illiterates think they can write.
Hah. See, no, I'll half star it if I think it deserves it. Just because things get worse, doesn't make the slightly less crappy writing any less crappy. It's all relative, and I refuse to grade on a curve.
Howdy YAL! 8 years ago
I see what you mean. I think I'll blame lawschool for grading on a curve. And honestly this one...ugh. The world building sucks major ass.
:( on the world building. Literature background, so yeah, no curves when grading writing for me.