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I'm so guilty of reading the House of Night books, but as much as they're my guilty pleasure, I know they're terrible. hahahaha
Howdy YAL! 5 years ago
They're almost fun to read because they are so bad. Though the latter ones not so much. I feel like the series should've ended probably around the fourth or fifth book.
It should have ended several books ago. They are amusing in their badness, but the last 2 have been almost ludicrous in their predictability and Mary Sue-ness.
Drea's Book Fetish 5 years ago
"A Series So Bad You Have to be Drunk to Tolerate It" buahahaha. This was great, thank you! I actually read the sequel to Poison Princess & even though I know they're crap, I know I'll read the next one. Y do we do this to ourselves!

Howdy YAL! 5 years ago
You have more strength than I do. I wasn't even able to finish Poison Princess-I think I got barely passed the halfway mark before I slammed it shut.
I'm grateful now that I've only read two off this list. *bullet dodged*