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Really? Damn. Jubilee is awesome, but I don't wanna read Jubilee copycats.
Howdy YAL! 7 years ago
It's a minor character. The MC is a complete Rogue knock off. Except she's a lot more whiney.
WTF? You know what I'll do if I want to read about Rogue and Jubilee? Pick up the X-Men.

Speaking of Jubilee, you know what she is now, right?
Howdy YAL! 7 years ago
I haven't really kept up with the comic-verse that much but I did just check her wikia entry and wow, just wow.
XD There's actually a what if with a vamp-Storm and a vamp-Kitty, which I was like... why are Wolvie's girl-proteges always getting vamped -_-

Also, Mutant X has a vampire Storm with her storm controlling abilities. Vampire mutants, baby. The Marvel-verse is going there...
Howdy YAL! 7 years ago
If you think of it Jean Grey could be considered an honorary vamp with as many times as she's come back from the dead.