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Depends on the case. You could claim co-sanguinity ,or say your husband was impotent (this had to be verified though) or if the wife was proven barren.

Not saying it was easy but there were ways. and Henry VIII had other impediments to getting a divorce ,his wife was not barren for example,even if only one Child lived to become an adult.Thats why he had to reach for straws and claim since her marriage with his brother had been consummated they were in fact related.
Howdy YAL! 5 years ago
Yep, there were ways. But in this case they're treating it more or less like a divorce.
hah I see what you mean then. You had to have REASONS

I have made a pact with a friend to read the first book in this series...but I have seen several people say that the historical bit is a bit lacking.