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Derrolyn Anderson 7 years ago
Well said! I think all review trolls should get a link to this.

I love a squeeing fangirl as much as any writer, but I'd rather have a well thought out pan than a drive-by five star, LOL.
If you can't stand criticism, you shouldn't publish, but it really blows my mind when fans think they're doing an author a favor by attacking a reviewer. Bad, bad idea, as the universal (and well deserved) condemnation of their bad behavior almost always rubs off on the writer, no matter how much they try to stay out of it :(
TeaStitchRead 7 years ago
Yes to all this! A million times yes!
This is the best rant ever. I hate being told my opinion is wrong. Isn't the point of an opinion that it's YOURS not THEIRS? So bugger off! lol