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Squibtress (or something similar). I wanted to send her an email bomb over some of her hogwarts porn.
Reflections 3 years ago
Where could I find the series?
Sorry, I assumed it was linked on the page here (it is on Goodreads), but voila:
If you check her profile, she's got other places you can read it--I downloaded it in epub and put it on my Kindle, actually.
Reflections 3 years ago
Thanks! Your review makes me want to check it out!
It's...well, I don't want to say "fun" necessarily because it's pretty dark, but very well-written, for sure. I really enjoyed them--I need to get back to them, for sure. Good luck!
Reflections 3 years ago
Dark is okay. I'm not sure I'll read it all, but I'm intrigued enough to want to try it.
I just realized I started reading this when the author first started 8t then life got 8n the way and I forgot about it. It was great! Thank you so much
I did the same thing, actually, haha. Life gets in the way of reading way too often. :x Hope you enjoy it!
ѦѺ 3 years ago
guys, here's the link to download the 7 arcs in .doc or pdf formats:

Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories: The Sacrifices Arc
That's loads better in terms of actually having them. Thanks for tracking that down. I have them, but couldn't quite remember where exactly I got them. :)
ѦѺ 3 years ago
you're welcome. it wasn't that hard to find. :)
Midu Reads 3 years ago
This sounds so good. Adding it to mount TBR!
It's a rather alarmingly long series (though totally worth it, personally), so I wish you the best of luck with it! :)
Midu Reads 3 years ago
I can see that! I will savor it then :-)
One for the Books 3 years ago
Your review definitely intrigued me. I just downloaded this!
Hol 3 years ago
Excellent review. I'm just starting the last Harry Potter book and want to read this when I'm done.