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I think what I would do is separate the two into two categories, books and audio books, and average them out separately. So I would probably average out hours spent on audio books. Or, you could average out the hours, and then include an additional line for the page/word count that would correspond to the audio book had you read the hard copy/ebook.
The former probably makes the most sense? Or I could do both, and just end up doing three sets of math? I wouldn't really mind.
I think it all depends on what type of data you would like to have by the end of the month and/or the end of the year. The former would definitely work well because you could have a nice number for both categories, which is neat to see/know. And then the latter could work if you wanted additional data: so if you eventually wanted to combine the page counts for both categories at the end of the month or the year just to see what the total page count would have been had you opted to read them all as print or ebooks. So I guess that second option could just be an additional figure you could use for analysis purposes. :)

You know, now my head is filled with neat graphs you could create each year for comparison purposes. I'm such a geek. :)
Given how completely awesome those graphs sound, I guess I'm a geek too, haha. :)
You are a woman after my own heart! :)
I did not copy edit my post very well and meant *page* count, which I used in approximately half my original post, whatever the title may have been. :x Sorry about that.
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Er, I might have a *minor* addiction to a website called PonyIsland. With lots of digital ponies. That are super cute. :x
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Their introduction is a little iffy since they shifted over to a new webserver, haha. I'm Hyzie over there, too, if you would like any help getting situated. ;)
bookaneer 4 years ago
It doesn't hurt anyone iany way you do it, right? It's for you? If so, I'd say go with whatever you prefer. ;) After all, different editions have different pagecounts, so it's not a static or universal metric in any case.
Oh no, certainly doesn't. It's for me. I was just wondering what the general consensus was on what made the most sense, really. I'm tossing around ideas in my head about it and wanted some input from fellow bookish people. :)
Different editions do have different page counts, but I'm careful to use the page count of the edition I'm using (easy enough since it is mostly Kindle books, haha), because I'm interested in the data.