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YouKneeK 8 years ago
I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying this! I remember seeing the movie preview and thinking it sounded like an interesting story, but the reviews of both books and movies seemed so mixed that I let it fall back off my radar in favor of things I was more interested in.

As far as games – I’m very slow with games. I just seem to lose interest in them after short sessions and have to get up and do something else. It doesn’t help that I have to be too darn thorough. I mostly play RPG’s and I always want to do every quest, explore every little nook and cranny, kill every monster, and collect every piece of loot. With the crazy, big, open games like the Elder Scrolls games, the content usually outlasts my interest in the game.

I don’t lose track of time too often, but that's partly because I have a cat who seems to know exactly what I should be doing and when, and he gets really cranky if I deviate from his schedule. When he starts pacing around and meowing for no apparent reason, I know I need to look at the clock! If I’m up past my bedtime, it’s usually an intentional choice rather than an accident.
There seems to be great controversy over the ending, which I was deeply bemused by, given I didn't see it as terribly controversial? But different strokes and all that, and there are certainly too many books in the world to worry too deeply, haha.

I unfortunately often don't often lose interest after short sessions in a game (I could probably be on a reality show called "The Elder Scrolls Stole My Life," frankly), but once I set it down, I am apparently *very* easily and thoroughly distracted. RPG's are my bread-and-butter as well, and I definitely hear you about the obsessive-compulsive tendencies they tend to cultivate. The content regularly outlasts an individual *character* for me, but I am alarmed at the playtime hours recorded on a few of my favorites. Especially those that did not always have playtime counters running...

Alas, I am the possessor of a cat that does not have a schedule except "I am hungry. Feed me again." at any given moment. If she starts pacing and meowing for no particular reason, the only thing I know is that it is a day ending in "-y"!
I still need to read the books I have no interest in the movies
I mostly have an interest in the movies because other people have an interest in seeing the movies with me, to be honest. If I am required to watch something, it might as well be based on a book!