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Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
It's 100% her most well known regency. And pretty much an iconic one for the whole genre.
What would you recommend next? Anything of hers in particular? Or is there something else by someone else that seems like a logical next step, would you say?
Got My Book 8 years ago
My favorite Regency sort of turns the "Regency Hero" on his head. It is An Angel for the Earl by Barbara Metzger. It's very funny but extremely touching as well.
Oh gee whiz, the library just happens to have a copy hanging around. Or, you know, they did. :x It's alarmingly easy to check out e-books; that is my only defense!
Haha, I'll have to try that; one of the things I liked about Cotillion was I was not quite expecting where things ended up, but I loved it once I got there!
Got My Book 8 years ago
Cool. I hope you like it. I went to through a phase many years ago when I read every Regency I could get my hands on. That was back when they were the "cleaner" alternative. I still have a couple of boxes of them in my storage space.
Olga Godim 8 years ago
I like Julia Quinn and Anne Gracie - almost anything by them. Both write regency romances.