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Ooh, I've heard that Rosamind Hodge's short stories were AMAZING! I've only ever read Gilded Ashes, because my library had it and it was convenient, LOL! But I'd love to read more in the future!

August was a good reading month for me; I've been in a slump since early summer and I've only started reading regularly this past month. So, yay! And I'm super looking forward to Halloween Bingo because of it! :D
They definitely are! They're available online for free, too, so definitely worth picking them up! There are quite a few I'd love to see turned into full novels, or at least to see the universe a lot more. You said you'd just read Gilded Ashes--do you mean in terms of her shorter stuff, or have you not read any of her novels? I really loved Cruel Beauty.

The Halloween Bingo should definitely help with the slump--I know I saw the card posted and immediately went to the library website and downloaded like 12 books, then had to not read them for several days, haha. This is one of my favorite times of the year, and I'm feeling very bookworm-y because of it. :)
I used to follow Hodge on Tumblr, and she's post links to new stories she published, and I'd always think, I should read that! But always got a little distracted. But I've kept it in the back of my mind, and I've so enjoyed what I've read of hers--I have read Cruel Beauty, and I loved it! Meh, not so much with Crimson Bound, but it was interesting enough.

I was going to skip Halloween Bingo, because I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up; but at the same time, I realized I was already plotting what I was going to read, and I figured that I'd just put it towards the bingo, 'cause fun! :D It's a great time of year to get your bookworm on!
I am easily distracted like that too, haha. I tend to go through short story phases, though--I rarely read just one, I generally read a huge crop of them in a short time period. I share the sentiment regarding Crimson Bound--it was not nearly as good, I felt, though not bad.

Hey, might as well give it a shot if it was inspiring you! That's a large part of why I joined, really--I was going to be reading horror books anyway. :)
Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
I usually love the social aspect of BINGO. I really love how it usually has me actually tackling my TBR pile and even going out of my normal reading for one or two squares. Oddly, I cannot stand the cover hunt BINGO games (nothing to do with this Halloween one but it's uninteresting to me to find a book with a blue cover on one of its editions ...).

This Halloween round's squares just don't line up with my probable upcoming reading over the next few months and has way too many squares that would have me reading the types of books I personally don't care for. I've purchased a lot of new books with Apple settlement credits that are calling me that don't fit the BINGO. Maybe next round.
September is looking better all-around, really. I can't wait for it to dip into sweater weather. Or long-sleeves, even. I always feel cozier and more bookworm-y when it is cold.
No, I fully admit the fact that it lined up with my probable reading is one of the only reasons I signed up--I was not going to stress myself out trying to play if I was not wanting to read what was required. Better to enjoy all your new books. :)
Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
Summer here (KY) has been nearly nonstop thunderstorms that somehow still never really gave us a break from 90+ degree F heat.