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The Quilty Reader 2 years ago
I suspect that this book would scare the crap out of me.
I'm hoping it does!
And that's precisely why I didn't choose it.
The Quilty Reader 2 years ago
Me, too! I'm basically a wuss for genuinely scary stuff.
I'm a huge wuss who intentionally inflicts sleepless nights on myself, haha. Considering a re-read of Pet Sematary for one of the boxes for Bingo. Last time I read it, I could not sleep when it was dark. Or I was alone. Or for long stretches.

No clue why I enjoy being that scared, but I do?
Excellent choice. I considered this one and The Stepford Wives for a couple of squares. The books are better than the movies.
Are they? I read The Stepford Wives and rather enjoyed it. Not terribly surprised the books are better, admittedly, but they are rather well-regarded movies, so it is nice to hear. :)
Rosemary's Baby is a really good film, and is genuinely scary. But the book just has the edge for me, The Stepford Wives movie on the other hand isn't anywhere near as good as the book (in my opinion anyway).
I'll let you know how it goes!
Cody's Bookshelf 2 years ago
I love this one.