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Murder by Death 1 year ago
Wow, that looks amazing. I'd sort of be tempted to do it for fun, but at the moment I've got too many balls in the air. I'm definitely going to keep an eye open for any other rounds she might do though. Fun twist to bingo - good luck on the quest!
Ah, that is totally fair--I'm finishing up a few of the yearly challenges (down to the really rough ones) and discovered this fit in really well with a bunch of stuff I ought to be reading anyway, mostly because I own it. I'll give you guys a heads up if I see another one. And thanks!
Looks fun -- like MbD I wish I didn't have so many other commitments (mostly RL) to get out of the way at the moment.

Enjoy your journey!
Thanks! It is oddly timed, alas, with school gearing up for a lot of people, but I was fortunately free.
Yes, I noticed in the comments on the rules page that quite a few people seem to have discovered it too late.

Anyway, thanks for sharing and good luck!