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Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 4 years ago
Boy I hope the place you're moving to is quiet and peaceful and far away from that kind of awful. Also she's got no excuse with being pregnant - that doesn't make you take advantage of people. But hey, yay for getting away before the 2am feedings with the new baby!
Olga Godim 4 years ago
Poor you. I join Batgrl in wishing you the more peaceful 2015.
a TeMPLe of WoRDS 4 years ago
That just shows that you don't need to be there. And maybe moving out a few days before you intended to is a good thing. You need to get away from that and quick. Good luck, and keep us updated. And I'm with Batgrl and Olga - you need a more peaceful 2015 and my fingers are crossed :)
Kitty Horror 4 years ago
Let's hope your move is great new start for you. :)
Glad you're out of there. Now call child services on her. Seriously! That's the sort of guy who ends up hurting kids. One way or another.
a TeMPLe of WoRDS 4 years ago
I agree with this. Especially making a child cry on purpose. That just seems like something that could escalate. And her having a bad temper because she's pregnant. What a poor excuse. So many people get pregnant and still know how to treat the people around them - using it as an excuse to be a bitch is ridiculous.
...Bookfanatic 4 years ago
Wow...just wow!!! I'm so glad you're moving. That place is just going to be one ongoing train wreck. I hope the new roommate gets a clue and moves out real soon before she's stuck paying for everyone because your former now pregnant "hello, can we all say maternity leave" roommate suddenly isn't able to work...oh man train wreck. You're well away from there. I hope the new place is nice, calm and sane. **crosses fingers and wishes really hard**
A Voracious Reader 4 years ago
I'm sorry you had to move in order to get some peace, but yay for getting the hell out of Dodge. I also agree with Lora, call child services. Even if that guy never physically harms the child he is doing emotional harm. If the mother won't stand up for her own kid then you should.
...Bookfanatic 4 years ago
What this guy is doing is 'emotional abuse' it's probably the hardest form of abuse to prove and the one that people get away with the most because of that but 'IT IS STILL ABUSE' and the fact that this kids mother allows it to happen is heinous and the fact that she's bringing a child into the world who was fathered by the abuser is just really, really sad. I feel so sorry for both of these children and yes somebody needs to call child services the unfortunate question is whether or not it will do any good. I really hate seeing children trapped in situations like this.
Wanda's Book Reviews 4 years ago
So glad you are out of the house and safe. 2015 cannot help but be a better year for you. Take care of yourself!
Dor Does Books 4 years ago
Urgh. At least things can only go up from here, right?
Thanks guys for all the support. I unfortunately still have some of my stuff there, including my animals until the weekend, so im stuck dealing with them until then -_- good news my 'new' housemates seem alright ^_^

and i agree emotional abuse is very damaging. she has recently started sticking up for her child but i dont think its enough. i was thinking about sending her some information about the damaging effect of child abuse (i have mentioned some stuff to her previously.) and telling the people who are around her the most the keep an eye out, especially the new girl. and if he doesnt let up to call in the services. the problem is, she is...emotionally unstable. any sort of upset really wrecks her, i dont think she would handle it well at all if i called services at this time, and im concerned how that would effect both her children. last time something big upset her she palmed her child off to her mother for months and it really affected him, she was angry at everything and everything, she went into a major downward spiral, actually her bf sort of somewhat picked her up... then they had a big blow out so it happened again, and now they're obviously together again. so while he's occasionally a dick to the child i dont know if she can emotionally support herself, actually im fairly positive she cant and i dont know which one would be more damaging.
Sounds like she's not stable enough to be a responsible parent.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 4 years ago
Damn that sounds like a horrible situation all around. It also sounds like it's only a matter of time before the child goes to stay with her mother anyway. Because it's not going to get any better having two kids and a boyfriend (who gives zero support) for her to all take care of.
That sounds like a bad group for anyone to room with.
...Bookfanatic 4 years ago
Lovely, damned if you do damned if you don't. I hope the grandmother at least provides the little boy with a stable home environment when he's there. Such a train wreck waiting to happen. I'm glad at least that you'll be out of there soon.
' damned if you do damned if you don't' lol unfortunately that's pretty much it
ugh im pretty sure it didnt post my whole ...well post -_-