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Midu Reads 6 years ago
Cuttleboners lol
A hole near her mouth, hope its not her nose. lol
Hooked on Books 6 years ago
LoL that was hilarious! : ) I learn something new everyday...So do the "sea grapes" -babies come out of their mouth too or he didn't really say or I missed it? : )
I was distracted about the nose comment myself lol....
Apparently their is an extra hole near the mouth, but i imagine it would look like them vomiting little eggs all over a plant.
Hooked on Books 6 years ago
That would be a sight to see! : )
Familiar Diversions 6 years ago
I love these videos. They always make me laugh. :)
As the page turns.. 6 years ago
these videos are hilarious!
Glad you guys enjoyed it.
There's a great one about the Aye Aye on youtube :D