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The Scorpio Races was incredible, pure magic..... this on the other hand, not so much. Which is a shame because i have been looking forward to reading this series for ages (mainly because of the covers, they are ridiculously beautiful, lol. and the author). I personally have no interest in reading forward - but i might ask a friend to fill me in on the details about the next few books ;)

Have you read her Mercy Falls series? I've been avoiding it for the main reason you have been avoiding the Raven Boys. I haven't heard many good things about it, and i don't want it to unintentionally taint my feelings about the Scorpio Races, lol.
HAHAHA. Yea pretty much why I avoided reading them too. YA romance is usually rather cringey - they're always so awkward and embarrassing, which makes sense they are teenagers, but that doesnt mean i enjoy reading about it. lol. Plus apparently she falls in love with a wolf? and goes all stalker without even knowing its actually a boy? doesnt sound appealing to me in the slightest.

I haven't heard anything about her other work, so I can't imagine they're all that good.