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Ani's Book Abyss 5 years ago
I agree: positive relationships between females are sadly lacking in many books, especially, I've noticed, in a lot of the YA books I've read. I'm glad this one has a beautifully positive relationship between women. lol It's one of the reasons why I gave 'Silver in the Blood' by Jessica Day George a higher rating than I normally would have given any other book--it wasn't a great story, but it had a great relationship between the two female protagonists.

Glad this was at least enjoyable. I have it on my TBR and am planning on reading it when the series finishes. And yes, that is a very lovely cover! :D
I in general read mainly fantasy (dark & urban) or YA and off the top of my head I can't think of any other female-female relationship that was this positive. There is of course Vampire Academy but I wouldn't call that a healthy relationship, it was unbalanced in power. Not that the girls knew better but still.

I look forward to your thoughts on Truthwitch when you get around to reading it - waiting until the series is finished is a good idea. I read Nevernight the other week and was quite devastated the i found out the next book wasn't close to being finished!!
Ani's Book Abyss 5 years ago
I got tired of not really remembering what I'd read in a first book when the second book is released a year later. I'm determined to try not starting a new series if I know there are more books (with the exception of those standalone books in a series). Some books are memorable, like I loved Six of Crows and didn't have a hard time with Crooked Kingdom a year later, but there were still details I had to try to recall.

I recently checked out The Skylighter by Becky Wallace from the library, but try as I might, I can't really remember what about the first book, The Storyspinner, that I liked so much I had to put the second book on hold request at the library as soon as it was available.
It's a good idea, I hate having to re-read a series because I can't remember anything from the previous books, or know I'm missing crucial details that will make the experience more enjoyable. But I never think to check to see how far a series along is before I start the first book! and you once it's in my hands I can't just put it down unread, that would be unthinkable, monstrous even. ;) lol