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Jamie's Book Blog 9 years ago
Great review. Yeah, kids calling their parents daddy or mommy tends to really get on my nerves. It's bad enough when it's a really young kid but a teenager or even an adult it downright becomes "throw out the window" material.

Was it hard reviewing a book you haven't read in years? I've read so many books that I never reviewed and I'm trying to decide if I need to reread them (as if I'll ever get the time) or if I should just try to review them based off of memory. My biggest problem is that my short and long term memory are not very good. I have a hard time remembering so many little things or how that book made me feel at the time which is super important to me. I tend to review based on how I felt after reading a book. I may just try to do one soon and see how It works out.
this is an old review, if i had written a review based on my feelings now i wouldnt of been anywhere near as nice. i have nothing but bad feelings towards this series now. i have read to many good books in the last two years to feel like this series deserves as many stars as i gave it at the time. but i like to keep my original thoughts (usually just after i finished the book) as my review.

there's been quiet a few books i'v read in the past that i can now remember nothing of, i'v been tempted to re-read them. but then i think if it was a good book surely i would remember something of it?