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Pervy Kitten 11 years ago
A page? What do you mean a page? Maybe I should just try it and find out!! LOL
Jxxx 11 years ago
I'm so confused.... would this be the front page.... like Ana Rita has??? I can't even work out how to do a spoiler, but I will keep trying.... there's not enough hours in the day to figure all this out.....
but thanks for this.If I re-blog this will it go on my page???? Why am I so thick at this?? lol
Curiouser 11 years ago
Hi Jxxx! what I have as my homepage is the blog. you can choose what you want people to see first, as your homepage. You click on settings->Blog then you scroll down and you have the option "Default homepage of your webpage" where you can choose between your blog; shelf or timeline. I chose Blog.
It's just me Shelly 11 years ago
I choose blog too...I think:). I actually haven't tried this yet I just reblogged it from Sharon. I think Sharon did add some extra pages so it does work.