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helivoy (guest) 3 years ago
Thank you for standing up. It takes courage to do so.
To be honest, not really. It wasn't courage that motivated me, it was all those times i have witnessed bullies coming down on people and humiliating them, calling them stupid, dumb and worse for saying hey i love this story by this author. RequiresHate did nothing, and still does nothing but advertise that she is a miserable soul with nothing better to do but to show to the world that she is incompetent to resolve any issues on her own. She got published - she got in the public eye and now she is on a very thin edge with her career as majority of her credibility got burned by her own acidic tongue.

In her 'apology' she says that was a long time ago and she let go of the anger. One of her supporters wrote a blog in which under no uncertain terms the reader is informed that people have experiences in life and that they change. If you can't accept that you're more or less a hypocrite. All of that is true as a person develops trough their life, they become smarter, see the impact of their actions,but it doesn't wash with RequiresHate. Why? Not because she WAS an common bully and a lowly troll, but because she STILL IS a common bully and a lowly troll. The only thing that really changed in her life is the arena in witch she wages her wars. Her more notorious monikers i guess people will be aware of, so there is in truth no telling does she still frequent certain places and her actions. After reading the TL;DR I looked into it more closely. No disrespect to Mixon, or anybody involved but there is always more than one side to the story.

I was right, there was plenty character reference straight from the horses mouth, that had bigger impact than Mixon's work ever could. A true progressive, and a true activist fights for betterment and is aware that more than one group of people occupy our world. Their desire is to make the world a better place so all involved can live in mutual respect, progress and peace. This is what BS says she 'fights' for but how can you better a place by excluding people based solely on their sexuality or race? Isn't that what we DON'T want? This is one of the examples - in her world a white, straight person could never truly know the hardships of a person of color with a different sexual orientation. No, really?? I mean really??? Of course the two couldn't be compared, just how a person who was born without legs would never know what it's like to have an itch on the sole of their foot. But that doesn't mean that the two cannot live together. Only in her mind if your race or sexual orientation doesn't match what she is advocating at the minute - that race or that sexuality present the ABSOLUTE LIMITATION of that person's character. You're straight - therefore i will dismiss you, therefore i will spit at you, therefore i will mock you and wish bad things happen to you. Your intellect and actions trough your life are to be dismissed solely on your race and orientation. You are irrelevant, and because i find myself in an position where i can exert pressure at you, i will. That's not a person that changed anything. That's still an abuser and a bully. So therefore that apologetic post is nothing but a last ditch effort to save some street cred.

This reply is a mile long and i apologize, but i wished to explain my sentiment that made me write the post. A bully is a bully, and will be a bully no matter what. Nothing in her life impresses me. What does impress me, however is the true strength of her victims, that spoke out on their abuse. That woman that has been ridiculed and tormented because of being a sexual assault survivor - she is the brave one, not i. All of them are. I am just pissed. My apologies again for the rant.