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Kaethe 6 years ago
It's funny: I remember when children were left to fend for themselves, and no one thought much about it. Then I remember the media coverage of the latch-key-kid phenomena, and the subsequent panic.
JL's Bibliomania 6 years ago
There's a difference in my mind between kids being left alone for a few hours (e.g. latch key as I was for parts of middle and high school) and an 11-year old who is responsible for cooking for and doing the wash for her siblings and taking care of them for much of the day. But I agree what is considered "acceptable" has a lot to do with economics
Kaethe 6 years ago
Working class kids have always had more rigorous responsibilities around the home and/or provided more child care to younger siblings. I know people who've been doing their own cooking since they were seven.