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Portable Mistletoe 4 years ago
I love this series! I'm stuck between #2 & #3, though. I haven't picked up Whispers yet, because my library only has it on ebook and I love Kobna Holdbrook-Smith's narration so much that I want to listen to the whole series on audio.
JL's Bibliomania 4 years ago
I bet it would be great to listen to! Can you ask the library to ILL the audiobook?

(I feel the same way about The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater - having started on audio, I waited longer for the audiobook to be availbele before reading the newest)
Tannat 4 years ago
Me too! Not to build more anticipation or anything but in my opinion, #3 picks up quite a bit after the slightly disappointing #2. Kobna Holdbrook-Smith is indeed a good narrator for the series (I went back and reread the books on audio after reading them in print).
Portable Mistletoe 4 years ago
His voice is like warm butter. That's a great idea to ask for the ILL, not sure why I didn't think of it myself.
Elentarri's Book Blog 4 years ago
I couldn't get into Rivers of London. I got about halfway through and gleefully deleted the file. The book was just sooo... plodding. This was the first book I ever read that I did not finish and couldn't be bothered to skim through to see how it ends.
Tannat 4 years ago
Rivers of London did have a few pacing issues, but I still thought it was fun. I actually liked Peter though. To each their own.