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Tannat 3 years ago
I don't want to discourage you from reading The Hanging Tree, but I'm not sure Peter does know how to handle a gun. He learned to use a taser, which probably counts, but I don't remember him actually handling a gun...unless I'm just forgetting. Although come to think of it, someone may get shot. I'd say it definitely works for police procedural though.
JL's Bibliomania 3 years ago
I remember Peter snarking about having to demonstrate proficiency with guns in an earlier book in the series, but you are right, he doesn't often use a gun. I'll plan to forgo the bonus and count The Hanging Tree towards square 35.
Tannat 3 years ago
I think he had to pass something for the taser, but it's not common for the average Met constable to use guns so unless Nightingale made him learn and I forgot, I wouldn't trust Peter with one. Let's face it, he lost his taser. He did get shot at with a stet gun in a previous book and I think someone gets shot at in this book but I forget whether anyone is hit. I read it back in November or December.

He does know how to lob fireballs at people.
Obsidian Blue 3 years ago
Good luck!