TeaStitchRead 3 years ago
I felt the same way when I read it last year for Halloween Bingo.
Abandoned by user 3 years ago
I love this one, but I think it is because of the Tom Mison narration. I've listened to it for the last two years & plan to listen again for "Terror in a Small Town."
Jennifer's Books 3 years ago
Tom Mison is what makes it for me too.
Murder by Death 3 years ago
Me three - I still think the writing is incredibly florid, but at least Mison makes it sound appropriately dramatic. :)
Abandoned by user 3 years ago
Plus, the descriptions of food are mouthwatering. Pie.
I always like watching the Disney cartoon of this book.
Jennifer's Books 3 years ago
Same here!
Jennifer's Books 3 years ago
I tried to read this when I was younger, but couldn't do it. But I adore the audio that Tom Mison narrates.
Murder, She Reads 3 years ago
I wasn't overly impressed with it either but I agree Tom Mison really made it sound :)
JL's Bibliomania 3 years ago
Wish I could have gotten the Tom Mison version. Alas...