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Aww. He's adorable. Good luck!
Person Of Interest 2 years ago
Awww, congrats on your new family member. He's a cutie and I like the name. :)
Portable Mistletoe 2 years ago
So happy for you! Rescues are such a blessing. My Stubbs had terrible separation anxiety when I first brought him home and it just took some time for him to settle down and for me to figure out what worked for him. Believe it or not the Thunder Shirt actually seemed to help.
Murder by Death 2 years ago
Quincy is adorable! Congratulations to him and your family both. (Awesome family portrait too!)
Elentarri's Book Blog 2 years ago
Lovely dog!
Linda Hilton 2 years ago
Shelter pets are the best!! Thank you, and may you all have many wonderful years together!

BrokenTune 2 years ago
Aww, brilliant. Congratulations!
Congratulations on you new family member!
JL's Bibliomania 2 years ago
Thanks all. We are a firm believer that rescues and mixes make the best family pets (I can see the point of getting a named breed or type to be a working dog).

Our last dog Shadow was also a rescue (we adopted Mom after a young dog was dumped after a litter of puppies from what was likely her 1st heat).
Tannat 2 years ago
Congrats on the new dog!

But wait, since when are you supposed to pronounce a c like a z?
JL's Bibliomania 2 years ago
Names are strange. My cousin who lives in New Hampshire reminded us that the place in Boston and the family for which it was named is pronounced Quinzee - though now that I think about it locals use a sound somewhere between S and Z, almost like a combo of the 2

(Just as there are names where it's hard to tell if it should be spelled with a "b" or a "p" because the pronunciation is somewhere in the middle.)
Tannat 2 years ago
Names are indeed strange.
Char's Horror Corner 2 years ago
Awww, how cute!