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BrokenTune 10 months ago
Yep. That's exactly it. :D
Are you enjoying it?
JL's Bibliomania 10 months ago
So far I'm liking it, but not loving it.

Part of that may be the decision to listen to the audiobook (available now via Hoopla) rather than waiting for my local library to get a hard-copy. I do much of my listening in the car and find myself losing bits in the long convoluted sentences. I understand that these sentences are carefully composed, in part to poke fun at historical literature sentence structure, but too often find myself going "not another run-on sentence" to fully immerse myself in the absurdity of the story.
BrokenTune 10 months ago
I know what you mean - I didn't have the audio version for this one, but I have it for Radiance and I had to put it down and pick up the book because it is just difficult to follow on audio.
Debbie's Spurts 10 months ago
I have this on my library waitlist.