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Linda Hilton 9 years ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I was feeling particularly discouraged today after looking at a sample of yet another multi-five-starred author-published book and wondering how much the author paid someone to put a clothespin to their nose and write "A wonderful, beautifully written book. Couldn't put it down." I'm tired of feeling the only bitch on the block.
Merle 9 years ago
Linda, I feel like avoiding their books is the only answer--maybe that will make them pay attention!

I've decided to avoid all books with only glowing reviews, because chances are we have one of three situations:

1) No one had actually read the book other than the author's friends/family/sycophants/sockpuppets. Likely because it is shit.

2) The author harassed people who disliked it into removing their review. Likely because the author is shit, and anyway, is somebody that emotionally immature going to write a good book? I don't think so.

3) The book only attracts people lacking critical faculties and judgment. Again, because it is shit.

Hear that authors? No real, intelligent criticism, and I'm ignoring the praise.