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Ultramarine 4 years ago
I haven't read anything by this author. Sounds good. After reading so much PNR I REALLY want realistic built to relationships.. which is ANNOYING when it comes to "regular" romance books.
KindleRomance 4 years ago
I actually loved her first book. This was perfect until the end. I know what you mean. I love PNR, but I find small doses work better for me. I subscribed to your blog but I haven't gotten an email yet. Looking forward to your posts:-)
Ultramarine 4 years ago
I love PNR, but you're right. maybe that's why I also enjoy other genres of "regular" romance, more realistic without mentioning mythical creatures ;)

Thanks for subscribing! I finished Special Forces Soldiers a few days ago and have a post about that and since I'm reading the second one now, well, it will take me time to finish it. I haven't decided yet if I want to write a review of part 1+2 together or apart, I have to see if there is a sort of "half closure" in the middle and see if it makes sense. These books are loooong. I'm not sure why but it really takes me a long time to read. and since the version I"m reading is something I made of the html the authors published on their website, I have part 1+2 together = almost 1200 pages. I feel like I"m reading hours before I read 1% :D
It's such a difficult read. so emotional even when "not emotional" because you keep wanting for them to work out, somehow. But there are so many things that keeps getting in their way, and you know what? all of them are so realistic!
So yeah, next review will probably be somewhere next week, close to the end, and probably another short review of Vlad's second book (by Jeaniene Frost).
KindleRomance 4 years ago
Wow! That's huge! I hope it works out in the end for them;-D
I'm glad I mentioned something about following your blog. I forgot I set up a rule in my Gmail to have all of the posts for all of the review sites go to one place to I could look at all of them at the same time. Now I have quite a bit to catch up on!
I loved Bones. By far one of my favorite characters. I haven't gotten back into the series after a few of her stories didn't work for me. Maybe one day.
Ultramarine 4 years ago
I won't work out THAT well if there is a third part ;) and right now, on 30% they MIGHT find each other again.. oh well.... heart break here we come ;)
I used to have email subscriptions to all the blogs I was following but in the end I ended up using Feedly. It's much more convenient.
I think I enjoyed Mencheres, Charles and Vlad's books much better than the Night Huntress. I don't really like Cat that much.. she was OK in the beginning but later on I was just tired of how cocky she is and how obsessed she is with Bone's body in a way that was REALLY ridiculous..
Vlad is my absolute favorite PNR character. YUM on all accounts! ~fans myself~