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Moyas Buchgewimmel 8 years ago
I know exactly how you feel. They changed so many things it's getting overloaded. After those changes to tags I also decided to have my own blog. For the time being I will mirror things from there to here, but I am not shure if I will keep that up for long.

So anyway, good luck for your new blogging-home! I'll add you in LT. :)
Yeah as I said I had already created a mirror blog on Blogspot. What will be annoying though is that I have link posts to all of my reviews here on BookLikes on my Tumblr blog and I'm going to have to go through all of those and change them to link to my Blogspot blog.

That's cool if you want to follow me on LT, just note that I'm not very active on there. It's mostly just a backup site for my virtual bookshelves and my reviews but I don't participate in any of the groups there.