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Exactly. I like this site too, and no notifications is annoying, but I am not feeling like backing it up elsewhere and while I never completely left GR, I did not post a single review there since they started deleting stuff when they feel like it. Oh well.
Linda78 3 years ago
I just don't really feel like my reviews are safe here either anymore.
That's a good point.
SilverThistle 3 years ago
I've just used GR as a database really since the whole deleting thing. LM has always been buggy for me plus it feels like I'm in a vacuum over there, but BL has been my home on the web for almost two years and I love it here and love the people. I'd be gutted if it went down.

I'll friend you over on those other two though, just in case.
Linda78 3 years ago
I'm hoping it won't come to that. Maybe they'll sell it to someone willing to put in the work. Maybe they'll get things back on track themselves. I'm still holding onto hope, but I'm not sure how much longer I really want to juggle keeping up three different profiles.

I friended you at GR, but didn't get a notice for LM yet.
Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
I feel exactly the same. Friending you on both sites (if haven't already).

I have excellent luck with HTML coding here and on Leafmarks, though (much better than on goodreads reviews) so long as I leave the rich text -- where you see the spoiler bold underline bullet etc. "button" options to click -- for the HTML editor (under the less-than/greater-than button at far right on booklikes and Leafmarks both). For me, both sites support way more HTML than goodreads ever did -- and way more standard in the HTML coding.

Spoiler tags here (once they overrode our custom spoiler solutions with their own coding) only work if I first write the review and then backtrack to highlight the spoiler text then click the spoiler code.

I hate that booklikes doesn't give us a way to backup our data.

I had such high hopes for Leafmarks because of the controls, the privacy, the backup, the much requested on goodreads features we finally got and the ones still promised in the un-updated "coming soon" section ... but, staff seem even deader than booklikes and have not issued their usual communications in months.

I'd hate to lose reviews so cross posting to all sites except goodreads (which at most gets a rating). My reviews I think are pretty safe just because I have at least been able to keep constant backups from Leafmarks -- if that goes or I skipped cross posting one I'm screwed. My book catalog, the same; I can actually stand losing that so long as fictfact stays in business because I read a lot of series and track them there.

It's more work than I like, the cross posting, but not that difficult -- my big stress is that I'm sure I'll miss cross-posting a review. I'm not really interested in running my own blog (plus all the extra effort to add book data that goodreads, booklikes, etc. already have). I may have to in order to preserve my reviews -- but not thrilled at backup options for any of the blog sites.
Linda78 3 years ago
I've got my system pretty well set now, where I just keep the tabs open for all three and I can do my updates and reviews at the same time for everything. It can still be a bit of a pain though.

I don't really spend a lot of time at LM, so I don't know what it's like there as far as staff presence. I did have to contact a librarian for help with a book cover and had it taken care of pretty quickly.

Maybe I should get in the habit of exporting my shelves every night. I can see now why some people just keep their own blogs so they don't have to worry about it. I'm just not motivated enough for that, lol.

And now it looks like BL has been sold to an as-yet-unannounced new owner(s). Not sure if that's good or bad news, in the long run.
Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
Leafmarks does now allow members to add missing bookcovers (not just librarians) as well as missing books. I lost track of when that change happened.

Librarians here and on Leafmarks at least have mostly stayed active, just not staff. I got tired of asking for staff answers in librarians group on Leafmarks so have lagged in librarian duties there (if I notice something clearly wrong in feed like missing series or covers or typos I'll still fix); booklikes has been too broken for me to even consider librarian work.
Linda78 3 years ago
I added the wrong cover and then couldn't fix it.