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Great Imaginations 9 years ago
I'm trying to do the header, Lyndi and it's not working correctly. Is there any way you can tell me if I am pasting the header in the right place? I get the font to change but it doesn't look right!
Lyndi 9 years ago
This is what your header currently says: style="font-family: 'Snowburst+One' font-size: 30pt" It needs to say this: style="font-family: 'Snowburst+One'; font-size: 30pt" Gotta pop a semi-colon between the font name and the font size. ;)
Great Imaginations 9 years ago
I just did it, but it's not the Snowburst One Font. It's another one. Which is really weird. So confused!
Thank you for this!
Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
I figured out how to do this on Timeline, Shelf, etc. as well. It's on the "Save" menu bar between the CSS code you are editing and the preview of your blog. Where it says you are on "Blog" click the dropmenu open and change to "Timeline", copy the code needed after the head line, go to CSS window and find every occurrence of bradius3 and put the fontname/size info immediately before the greater than sign. Repeat for "Shelf" and all your other blog pages. Don't forget to save. I tried to put a screenshot and more information at
As the page turns.. 7 years ago
I tried your tutorial and now I have nice fonts in my menu! thanks!!!