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KindleRomance 8 years ago
Awesome review! I can't wait to check this out.
I love her books, I also just finished Raising The Rent.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
KindleRomance 8 years ago
I'll have to check that out too! I was so dissapointed in her last book that I couldn't even force myselef to finish it. It was the second plumber book. After that, I decided to wait before buying anymore.
Really? I LOVED the second plumber book, a lot more than the first. Oops. Lol :)
KindleRomance 8 years ago
After spending $6 on it, I really tried to just force myself to read through it. Just couldn't do it. Ugh. I bought Caught last night. Looking forward to it:-)
Sometimes a book works and sometimes it doesn't. Sorry it didn't work for you, I laughed so hard reading that book.
Hope this ones better. :)
KindleRomance 8 years ago