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I accidentally picked up and started the first "Bloodlines" book earlier this year, then realized that hey, while it was the first in a series, there was a series that came before it that I probably ought to start with, since every single character seemed to know all sorts of stuff that I didn't.

In addition, I wasn't enjoying it very much. :x Do you think, given that, it's worth my picking up the first Vampire Academy book? Everyone seems to love them, but I was really slogging through Bloodlines before I set it down, so I'm not sure if I was missing too much backstory to enjoy it or if it is just not for me.
NerdyBirdie 6 years ago
Hmm, I will tell you this. I never planned on reading Vampire Academy. The only reason I read Vampire Academy was because I REALLY wanted to read Bloodlines! So, when I picked this up, I read the first two books and thought they were okay.

But then this book is the one that helped make up my mind on whether or not I wanted to continue this series and I ended up really enjoying this one!

I'm currently reading the fourth book right now, and we've JUST learned about Alchemy (Sydney's world) and it IS quite different from the world of damphirs and the Moroi.

The best advice I can give you is to read the first book of Vampire Academy. IF you finish the first book and you feel like you are able to go through the second book then read that. If you hate the second book, then don't continue the series. If you think it's okay, then read the third book. IF, you enjoy the third book, I would say to continue the series. Otherwise, the series may not be to your liking.

I'm not sure if it is right on my part to tell you that you should slug through three books to decide to continue the series. The only time I would tell you to move on to the second and third book is if you think they're okay. The third book is the one that decided for me that I wanted to read the series, because from the first two books, I was pretty indifferent towards it.

Sorry, this advice seems extremely complicated, but it's then best I could come up with based on my reading experiences :D Let me know if you have any concerns or questions! :D
Haha, it was a kind of complicated question, so a complicated answer seems just right. I don't mind slogging through a bit of stuff to get to the *really* good stuff: one of the benefits of reading very quickly is that I am willing to push on a bit if I think there will be a payoff because it's not really that much of a time investment for me.

Thanks for the idea on the cutoff point, too; I'll stick the first Vampire Academy on my (never-ending) list and then if I am not in love with it by the third book, done time for me. Thanks a lot! :)
NerdyBirdie 6 years ago
Oh, okay, no problem! I'm glad you liked my advice, I was worried for a second, because much later, I realized I'd basically told you to read half of the series XD Hope you DO enjoy the third book or maybe even the first or second book more than I did! :D
hippieed perceptions 6 years ago
I'm glad you went ahead and read this one! Dimitri...heart him. I never got on the Adrian train though, well because Dimitri. I love this series so much. It doesn't matter how many time I read it, this book kills me.
NerdyBirdie 6 years ago
I love them both! But, for ROSE I feel like Dimitri is the one she should be with! I feel like even though they fight, she and Dimitri have an understanding compared to the playful banters with Adrian. Whenever no one believes her then Dimitri ALWAYS tries to understand her! So, for ROSE, Dimitri. I feel bad for Adrian though, I don't see him getting anyone . . . :/ (Well, I haven't finished the series yet, so . . . )
Sarah's Library 6 years ago
I 'could' tell you what happens, if you 'want'? *evil grin*
NerdyBirdie 6 years ago
Haha, I would have to get out of my reading corner first! :D *continues reading Blood Promise*
NerdyBirdie 6 years ago
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I loved this book :D