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5 months ago
I'm on the same square and I'm reading Darwin's "The Voyage of the Beagle" -- which I don't necessarily recommend but I am enjoying it -- it is a long slow read. If you haven't read anything by Garcia Marquez, any of his titles would be at the top of my list of suggestions, starting with "A Hundred Years of Solitude."
Sorry kids, no feet. 5 months ago
He is one of the authors I short listed. For now I have Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende coming from the library. My library catalog is pretty limited right now with access to only two small libraries. I'm trying really hard not to buy any more books. If my husband sees any more packages from Thriftbooks, he's going to start leaving me at home with a babysitter.
Sharon Maas, "Of Marriageable Age" -- set in part in Guyana (as well as in India and the UK). Her debut novel, and IMHO still the best thing she's ever written. There's an Audible audio version, too (I hope it's available in the U.S.).

For a shorter book, go for García Márquez's "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" (novella length, but every page counts).

And though I recently discovered that Isabel Allende no longer really does it for me, I'd still say try her "House of the Spirits" or "Of Love and Shadows".

Or for Central America, Gioconda Belli's "Inhabited Woman".
Sorry kids, no feet. 5 months ago
And now I've requested the Marquez book because that one was available. It surprises me that I don't have access to a copy of "A Hundred Years of Solitude". I guess I'll pick one of the two books when they arrive.

I'm not going to lie, the idea of a book under 200 pages versus one that clocks in at nearly 500 pages is really appealing right now.
It's not a light read -- none of García Márquez's books are, and as I said, he's really making every page (and every word) count. But I read it a few years ago and was completely blown away ... and in a way (you'll see how), it's a very timely read just now.
Sorry kids, no feet. 5 months ago
I appreciate a book that says a lot in just a few pages. It's a rare feat.
Very true. Particularly these days, it sometimes seems to me!