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Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
Headless bookcovers. Single word titles. Book covers with a crown the predominant graphic (on books that were not historical fiction or memoirs of royalty). YA book covers with eye color enhanced, often with only one eye showing.
Olga Godim 2 years ago
Oh, headless... I hate them. They make their title so interchangeable.
Historical fiction covers with radically wrong date covers. "This is a novel about Eleanor of Aquitaine, so we put an attested portrait of Elizabeth I on it, and chopped the head off." "This is a novel set on the Titanic, so we put our heroine in a bustle." "It's the Roaring 20s and our heroine is a flapper, so let's put her in a high-wasted Regency dress."
I myownself am worn down on violence in book cover imagery: fighting, weapons brandished, guns aimed at the viewer, ad nauseam. One weird thing about that Booklist graphic is that they alphabetized "The" as the first word of a group of titles. Never seen that before, and don't want to again. VERY distracting to me.
Olga Godim 2 years ago
I agree. Titles starting with 'The' shouldn't be included in the 'T' section unless the noun starts with 'T' too. In some similar lists, 'The' is appended to the back of the title, like "Deep Blue Sea for Beginners The", which I think is the correct approach.