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I can't believe they had to actually make this a law... jeez.
If I'm reading it correctly (which of course may not be the case), the law doesn't penalize bad behaviour, but simply makes it illegal for companies to include "no bad reviews" clauses in the fine print when you do business with them - and therefore illegal to follow up with harassing lawsuits if you do make negative comments in spite of their contract/policy. Since buying or downloading a book doesn't usually come with that kind of fine print (and since if it did, it would presumably be the publisher, not the author, imposing it), I doubt that this law would have any direct effect on author behaviour, far less author's-ardent-fans bad behaviour. But I couldn't begin to speculate how it would affect policies of big corporate sites like Goodreads or Amazon, who are supposedly only the platforms for comment, not the enforcers of other companies' non-disparagement policies.