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Hol 11 months ago
Great quote.
My Never Ending List 11 months ago
So true! My five-year old granddaughter is into books now. I think it's funny as her bookshelves are jammed packed and her wall shelves at home are so packed, you pick one book and three fall off onto the floor. I can't stop buying books for her (new or used) so about every week when she visits there are books by the door for her to take home if she wants. It's funny as she says, "these are the ones I've always wanted" or " what do you think this one is about?" I tell her to take only the ones that she will read or daddy will read to her which of course she says, " I want them all!"
Paper Soul 11 months ago
That is the way to do It!! Having books accessible to children at a young age makes them form the love of reading! Thats how I was raised with more books than clothes. Im glad you all love the quote!!!