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Bookloving writer 8 years ago
That's a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. :)
Thank you! It's a post I'd been meaning to write for some time! Please feel free to share it. I'd love to hear if others have such memories. . . .
Bookloving writer 8 years ago
I have a great library-related memory, but not related to a bookmobile.
Bookloving writer 8 years ago
Oops. The link was missing when I pressed return.
What a great story! And--oh, yes!--the day one gets her own library card! It's like a promise of all the adventures to come. When my girls were little, they had their own cards, but hated that I insisted on keeping them in my wallet. . . . Today, they carry their own cards and even are able to go to the library on their own. But, those early days of sharing the library with them are memories I will always hold dear. Thank you for sharing!
Bookloving writer 8 years ago
When I was even younger than in my story above, we lived in a village up north. Their library let me have my own card even though I was only four-five years old. Then we moved to a town and that library wouldn't let me have my own card which was a big disappointment to me. I had to go back to borrowing on my mom's card again.
Oh, I can imagine that was heartbreaking! So, I wonder--do you carry a library card now? Or, do you only read what you buy or can
borrow from friends?
Reflections 8 years ago
I got to ride in our bookmobile because my father was a volunteer driver--he'd drive and I'd read and read.
What a great memory! Not only filled with books--but including time with a parent! Thank you so much for sharing this. I never thought about how they might be--or might have been--driven by volunteers.
Bookloving writer 8 years ago
I actually have several library cards now - for libraries in the town I live in and in nearby towns.