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Chris' Fish Place 5 years ago
Get well soon.
Thank you so much for your kind well wishes! Keep posting all your great stuff. I really enjoy it!
Sarah's Library 5 years ago
How did you break your leg?
Oh, I wish I could tell a tale of great intrigue and excitement--or even of humor. Perhaps I could steal a story from someone who told me he did the same thing falling off a bar stool. Or, perhaps, I should put on my fantasy author's hat and tell of an evil sorcerer who case a spell upon me. Or, maybe I could envision magically rushing from danger and. . . . Alas, my story is not so exciting! I was taking what I thought was the last step on a stairway--in the dark. It was not the last step, it was the second to last. My foot came down hard, though the ankle seems to be OK. The bone just below my knee on the outside of my leg broke and I guess I crushed it a bit. . . . My hip socket felt like it had been slammed into my throat! I managed to hop to a couch and remained there until morning when I woke others for help! For now, I'm doing all right, just trying to keep things still so that the healing will take hold. Fortunately (other than the hip) there has been very little pain since right after I did it. Also, fortunately, I did not fall. My "yoga balance" kept me upright--and without twisting. So, no soft tissue damage. Thank goodness, as I've been there before. . . .
Sarah's Library 5 years ago
You waited for everyone to wake up in the morning? How long was that? Why didn't you yell for help immediately?
Yeah! I did it at about 1 am. I got to a couch, put it up and, when the pain subsided, fell asleep until I woke my husband at 6 am asking him to find me a pair of crutches we had around. I didn't have a bone sticking out or anything, so I didn't think I'd broken anything. Then again, I couldn't put any weight in it, so I saw a doc first thing Monday am. They set me up for an MRI that night at about 10. The results came in first thing the next morning, showing no soft tissue damage (which I feared might be the case), but also showing the bone broken (the small bone in my lower leg) nearly through (and "crushed a bit). So, that is my pitiful story. Why I didn't wake anyone earlier? Well, there was nothing they could do anyway, so. . . .
Sarah's Library 5 years ago
I would have been screaming and yelling and there would have been a trip to the hospital ASAP.
I am laughing out loud. When it's all said and done though, I really do wish I had a terrific story to tell about how it happened!
Kate says 5 years ago
Oh, so sorry to hear this. Get well soon!! Hugs!