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Margitte's Reviews 7 years ago
A great review! Do you think this book has value in history? Should it have been written?
Actually, Margitte, I think it has great value. I never got the impression that Misch was an apologist for anything that transpired, nor did I think that his goal was to make his subjects more "human." I think that was just what struck me most though--that those in power appeared to have kept things "secret," knowing full well how the world would react to their actions, and that to outsiders and even onlookers, those in power appeared to be "regular" people. Sometimes we equate evil with something so other-worldly, that it is difficult to imagine that while, as a force. it may exist without people, it is the actions people take that are required for evil to be played out on the world stage . . . perpetuated even . . ..