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ѦѺ 3 years ago
:P :P :P
Talk about mindless celebrities... When I thought I'd seen and read everything, comes this...
A Bit Bookish 3 years ago
I'd like to put all those idiots (and more) in a sack and toss the sack in a river and hurl the river into space! (to paraphrase Hermes Conrad)
That is the most Kanye West thing I ever heard Kanye West say.
Sarah's Library 3 years ago
Kanye West thinks so much of himself I'm surprised he didn't say he is the #1 human being in the whole world.
Brain -- it's what you check at the door before your very first TV appearance ...
LunaLuss 3 years ago
Now I feel a bit better about myself. I'm not famous, but at least i'm not that dumb :p
lol All I can do is shake my head.
Can't even chalk these up to "oops mis-spoke". :-/