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Bats v Supes is the one I am REALLY looking forward to. I was very impressed with Man of Steel andhope this sequel is as good.
From Dark Places 3 years ago
Yeah have you seen the trailers, looks like wonderwoman is in it but the superhero franchise is going massive this year
Sadly, I remember this level of blitzing in the comics back in the 90's. Marvel was putting out comic book for every side character ever thought of and DC was killing off major characters like they were popcorn.
I just hope it doesn't bite the industry in the end...
From Dark Places 3 years ago
I know what you mean, it's easy to do all the effects now with cgi, there's also aquaman, Antman, Artichokeman, you name it LOL
Sarah's Library 3 years ago
I thought Batman VS Superman looks a bit silly :( I don't see how Batman could ever beat Superman, unless he's wearing a kryptonite impregnated suit. Also, ANOTHER X-Men. Every time they release a new one I see it and think "That'll be the last one, they can't come up with another storyline that continues the plot but isn't ridiculous" and then a year later another one comes out. I'm also watching The Flash, and Supergirl, and Heroes of Tomorrow starts this month, I think I'm getting a bit comic-ed out.
Sarah's Library 3 years ago
I hope you're kidding about 'artichokeman'! :O
Bats vs Supes has been a long standing battle ever since someone thought it up. And yeah, Kryptonite is usually involved. And Batman willing to go dark and dirty using Supes own ethics against him.

As for the X people. I was done with them after the first 3 movies. I know that feeling of being comic'd out and I'm a fan :-)
I only watched one episode of Supergirl. Twice. And I may go back for a third.

I have no urge to watch anymore.
Of those, I only care about Deadpool.

And then Inhumans. So it's two years to the next movie I really want to see right now.
From Dark Places 3 years ago
I don't think you have to long to wait is it February its out.
February is so long away -_-

Or it feels like it.

Sorry, meant two years until the next movie after Deadpool.
From Dark Places 3 years ago
They have a follow up planned, I think it's going to be a winner so good move.
I hope they don't rush it!

But Cable! I hope they actually do Cable/Deadpool right.
It's a Mad Mad World 3 years ago
Suicide Squad is the one I want to see...oddly enough...;)