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It is things like this that make me think that maybe Skynet and its nuclear war could be a good thing. Get rid of all the stupid...
From Dark Places 1 year ago
Unfortunately I don't believe there's any halting the stupid gene :)
Bookish thoughts!!! 1 year ago
The 'left' 'right' thing made me angry LOL I'm someone who always has to think twice which is which. So having it messed up like this. NO!!!
From Dark Places 1 year ago
Just to add confusion where you really don't need it :)
Too funny!
This makes me angry but at the same time I feel like I'm the kind of person to do this xD
charlton 1 year ago
Sometimes it makes you wonder,are people really not thinking?
From Dark Places 1 year ago
The handrail is always a good one :)
Hooked on Books 1 year ago
I love these - it's amazing what people will do! : )