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aw .. tearful dean... haha don't worry you'll get those other books read eventually. :)
lol Thanks! The funny part is that I've never watched the show, but I think their gifs are adorable! :)
ugh!! crush..... i love supernatural.
I've heard so many good things. I need to do a bingewatch at some point in my life! :)
I can't even explain why its so fantastic because it really can't be put into words. Some people hate it with a passion some of them love it with a passion. But its just that way. Its one of those I caught when it first came along and I haven't stopped since. I love it.
Well, since they were all 4 stars, I'd say you were on a pretty good roll! Lets hope that this month you can keep the bar that high. I know I can't :-(
Thanks! I've been on a really good 4-5 star streak since January, which is unusual for me. Whatever this star mojo is, I hope it keeps up! :)
As the page turns.. 2 years ago
I second that: it's far better experience 3 4star read than 10 2stars!