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Have you been moving your books, reviews and manually or did you use the GR to BL converter thing?
I started doing it manually, but it's become too overwhelming. Now I'm stuck--I emailed BookLikes to ask if I'll have to delete my shelves in order to use the automatic import. I can delete all the books I entered manually from the import document, but might have to delete all the shelves from BL. I'm just waiting for BL to respond before I proceed. Sucks. You used the auto import, right? What the heck was I thinking?!
Well, they took all weekend to import them(which isn't an issue), but now I see half of my reviews aren't linked to the correct books. They are all linked to some weird foreign book here's an example: This is a short review I did on a book called World shaker but the book that's linked to it isn't Worldshaker, and I've spent most the morning switching them over. Ugh! what a pain, some of the smaller reviews that i only made a couple of comments on I just deleted them.
Oh that sucks. Sorry, Hon. I've seen a couple of people who have had similar issues. Did you have similar issues with the books that didn't have reviews?
No, well some of them don't show the covers show, but that's because I had a lot of kindle editions. It was almost like they couldn't figure out what review went with which book, so they just used this one book over and over again.
Oh, how are you making out with your issue with getting your books transferred over? You would think BL could just delete all your stuff and then start a transfer.
It's been crazy. lol I just decided to bite the bullet and use the automatic transfer. Like you, almost every single cover was missing. I'm going through the import folder now in order to add the covers. I'm doing while I watch Judge Judy on my DVR. haha!
After I'm done, I have to check to see if the shelves remain. I saw that the books were all added to one shelf so I might have to add them manually.

Have you finished inserting all of the correct covers?
I did all the ones that had the wrong book associated to the reviews, but there're some green covers that still remain. I'll probably just deal with them as I go along.
Man I miss the edit button! The only issue I had with the shelves is that I need to transfer my book from my GR Favorite folder to the favorite folder BL provides.
I miss the edit button, too. Look at the big gap I left above. lol! I had to leave a few of the covers greened out, too. I'm just going to upload the covers as photos and attach them. Are you watching football right now? I'm still here, working on the covers and watching Judge Judy. lol I'll probably quit in a bit to do some reading. I haven't read a book in days.
Haven't read a book in days!? That's almost sacrilegious! lol yeah I'm watching football, I'm in an eliminator pool and I really need the saints to win tonight! lol
I know, right? I miss reading. lol I just can't rest until I've fixed this darned database. In other news, congratulations on the Saints win! Were you running around last night yelling "IN YOUR FACE!"? haha! :P
I understand, I've been chipping away at the green covers little by little. :)
No I don't get too worked up over sports, although I do have a buddy who's a Miami fan. And every time a Dolphins player would screw up, I would text him and say something like: "Wow did you see that guy fumble the ball? Man I'm glad he's not on my team!" lol! I know, I'm mean but it's oh so fun sometimes! >)
That's messed up. hahaha! Ah well, no one told him to be a fan of the losing team. >)
Lol! He screws with me enough too, our teams played each other last year and we watched the game together! Ohh man that was rough, the game went back and forth but his team ended up winning!
Someone needs to put an APB out on your blog because my reblog is now missing! lol I was editing some more books today so maybe somehow it got lost?
It's eating our posts! lol I think it does have something to do with editing because I was editing my imports when I lost mine.
Yeah, I think that's it. I finished my editing yesterday, and when I got home my iPad still have your post up from the night before because it never refreshed. So I copied and pasted it again! :)
Thank you! I actually finished revising all my books here. I just have a few covers to find which weren't available on any of the book databases, but I can do that later
. Now I have to fix my shelves. I haven't done much reading in the last few days.