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are we talking inter-species romance here?
Yes, Sir. We are. :) The heroine is human and the hero is an alien. Most of the public refer to the aliens as "bugs", which is a derogatory term in the book, because they look like, well, bugs. lol It's very District 9.
Oh man, that brings some really bad images to mind, hahahahaha
lol! I know, right?! I didn't think the author could pull it off, but in the end she really did. Don't get me wrong, I didn't find it hawt. haha! But, it was realistic.
Great job on the review, Rach! Even though it's the same review it looks much better over here then on GR! :)

As I was reading through the review, I realized this was the book you were telling me about a while back. I was kinda curious how you liked it because you were a little skeptical about the Human-Alien romance. Glad you enjoyed it though. Hey didn't you just get done with a book by the same author that you rated pretty high? Seems like you might be finding a new favorite author. :)
Thank you, Alan! Yeah, I've read 3 books by this author and all 3 have earned 5 stars from me. I can count on one hand the number of authors who have managed that feat. :) Incidentally, the last book I read by her also had an interspecies romance: the heroine was human and the hero was a type of lizard man. Heh.