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BrokenTune 12 months ago
Hey! Happy to see you back here. :)
YouKneeK 12 months ago
I remember you, and I’m happy to see you posting again! :)
Glad to see ya here!
RedT Reads Randomly 12 months ago
Krissy, Hi. Thanks.
RedT Reads Randomly 12 months ago
Hey! BrokenTune and YouKneek!
I remember both of you too.
Thanks for noticing.
Grimlock ♥ Inhumans 12 months ago
Glad to see you around again!
Welcome back!
Murder by Death 12 months ago
Totally remember you! Welcome back!! I look forward to seeing you around again. :)

This book looks really good; you caught me with the natural and supernatural information but hooked me with the difference in pronunciation - although I love them but still pronounce it Ki-oat. I don't even know how/when I started saying it that way.

And yes, as a species I hate us, perhaps a little more often than sometimes. :(

Would this book be a hard read for a hopeless animal lover? I mean is the extermination section too hard to read for, say, someone who was scarred by Bambi? ;)
RedT Reads Randomly 12 months ago
MbD -- it's taken me three and a half days to read this one chapter, and there are still ten pages to go. So maybe the answer is yes. I'm kind of thinking of simply skipping to the next chapter.
(I too especially liked the natural and supernatural part.)
Murder by Death 12 months ago
Thanks, good to know! I hope, if you finish it, you'll share your thoughts with us - if it's just one chapter, it might still be worth reading (and skipping that chapter).

Happy New Year!
RedT Reads Randomly 12 months ago
Don't worry. I will.
And Happy new year to you as well.
Passionate about Books! 12 months ago
I do remember you and it's nice to have you back.
RedT Reads Randomly 12 months ago
Grim! T-A! MbD! And Passionate! So good to talk with you all again. Thanks for stopping by.
I'm noticing a lot of missing persons. I missed all of the good-byes.
Darth Pony 12 months ago
Welcome back! I'm glad to see you posting again. I saw you adding books every now and then so I didn't worry too much about you falling off the face of the planet, but you were missed. :)
RedT Reads Randomly 12 months ago
Darth Pony, good to see you. It's nice to be back. I have noticed it takes Much Less time to go thru my feed now. Which is kind of sad. But also easier.
Welcome back! My contribution to lore on attitudes to coyotes; At one point in time I lived in a very middle-class, affluent town in Illinois. During an exceptionally hard winter, even by local standards, some coyotes were spotted at the edge of town and there was debate about what should be done about them. Initially the attitude was " Preserve the wildlife! Leave them alone!" Then family pets started disappearing and it was, "Shoot the coyotes! Shoot the coyotes!"

Apparently wildlife is great as long as it isn't living in suburbia.
RedT Reads Randomly 12 months ago
Arbie, thanks for the welcome.
I have to agree that it would be hard to argue for saving the coyote pack when the family pets are disappearing.
Fallen Over Book Reviews 12 months ago
Glad to see you back. I am in a hate love relationship with booklikes. It is still taking forever to load for me and then I can't see everything so I may be taking a break myself. Sometimes it is needed. Interesting read never heard of that book before.
RedT Reads Randomly 12 months ago
Yeah, I'm noticing those things too.
Coyote America was published in 2016, so not surprising that it isn't well known. I happened across it at the library and couldn't resist picking it up.
They've promised to fix the site and there's been communication again.
RedT Reads Randomly 12 months ago
Lora, hi. I'm glad you're still here. Looking forward to the fixes, and communication is always good.
I'm going nowhere.
RedT Reads Randomly 12 months ago
Good to know.