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Hi!!! I had the same thought, I can scroll down my feed and posting doesn't take 30mins!!!
And I can add comments without waiting 10 years!

Good to see you. :)
Darth Pony 1 year ago
I have something like 300+ books to add after a free ebook downloading binge and I haven't done it because the site has been too slow and life is too short. *sigh!*

That's a lovely quote. Thank you for sharing. :)
I think that's the same binge I went on, Darth. ;)
Darth Pony 1 year ago
Happy Holidays to us! :D
Murder by Death 1 year ago
When you do get to adding them, let me know if I can help with any that are missing, etc. :)
Darth Pony 1 year ago
Thank you, lovely person with librarian status! I certainly will. :)