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cjewel 9 years ago
I was wondering how soon they'd go to backups to get back the deleted content. I'm glad you're going to get back your content. Their actions were just the wrong thing to do. As a DBA, I can just imagine her/him thinking "wow, this is not not good." I wouldn't be surprised if someone made a pre-deletion copy of the tables. It's what I would have done.
This has just been one cockup after another. To have been a fly on the wall during these meetings...

Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 9 years ago
2 weeks of meetings where apparently they can't decide how to phrase policy. Or get someone to sign off on it?
Derrolyn Anderson 9 years ago
Backtracking any?
Howdy YAL! 9 years ago
I'm sure we'll get that content as soon as GR fixes its glitches (never). I feel like it was just a bandaid to get people to shut up. It might've worked about a week ago. But considering that Kara has backtracked several times and their new guidelines still aren't that clear (I have at least two shelves that they deleted that didn't fit into their new guidelines) I'm sure there will be more backtracking.
And it still isn't a site-wide anouncement.
Too little, way too late.
The Nrrdling (Aryn) 9 years ago
Eh. They've made way too many sketchy decisions lately, it's poor business. And I haven't even been part of the bulk of it. Just too much has made me raise an unhappy eyebrow. I'm a happy refuse at BL.
Marianna 9 years ago
This doesn't fix what they did! They didn't give you warning to save or change the reviews and they are not returning those reviews to let you do that!? This is just an empty apology! It makes me MADDER!