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Bark at the Ghouls 6 years ago
That is awesome. I bought a similar one from Amazon and my cats love it. It doesn't look so fresh anymore and all of the toys are long gone but all four use it every day.
SilverThistle 6 years ago
We've got that exact same tree but in cream!
Scarlet's Web 6 years ago
I liked the cream one but then I thought it best to go with the darker one for the dog hairs, they get everywhere!
Our cats have the same one, but all in the cream color :) They love it! We found that it works really well with an angle bracket anchoring it to the wall, so it doesn't wobble as much when our 7.5kg Vettel jumps around on it.
Scarlet's Web 6 years ago
So far it seems sturdy enough and out of the way of the dogs knocking it over. We may end up attaching it to the wall to be safe but my cats aren't that heavy that it causes a problem thankfully lol.