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I've heard a few others have this problem. They emailed BL support and support was able to retrieve the missing items. Maybe they'll be able to retrieve your reviews for you.
By the way, I had one of my posts (not a review, just regular text) disappear as well, and it also happened after I started fiddling around with my import list.
I took all of my tbr books off the shelf and figured I should just add books as I read them, otherwise I might run into these problems if I make edits or change covers on books I hadn't read. I'm in the process of removing them off my import list as well, so there's no cross-confusion later.
That's a good idea. No telling what the future will hold with GR, but I think as long as they are all catalogued there (and on your csv file), it should be alright.
True. I hadn't planned on deleting any old content off GR just yet and it's easier to find/add books on there for the time being, so my TBR list can stay on GR while BL and I figure out if we're even going to get along.
Thanks. I think I'll have to contact them tomorrow and see what can be done. Hopefully, they will be able to get my stuff back, but the thought of getting together a list seems like a pain right now. I should probably crawl into bed with a book and worry about it in the morning.
I'm afraid to touch anything. I fixed the wonky formatting here after transfer and it messed up my GR review. Now, BL and GR are unsynced, but now there are I have two (same) reviews on GR with their own likes. Would it be rude to ask people to transfer their likes to the other review? : / I guess I'll leave them be.
It sucks having stuff split like that. I've accidentally had reviews for 2 editions before.
I don't edition selections here. It's all paperback, unless I'm missing something. : /
Oh, that was on GR where I messed that up. I'm going with whatever edition is on top for BL, otherwise it's screwing with my reviews.
GR is easier for people like me who have no blog experience. But yeah...what can you do?
I had it on the first day, then turned it off when BL sent something to GL that I wasn't wanting to send. It seems like a broken feature for the time being. :(
I discovered that a few days ago, that copy/pasting from the finished review works, when copy/pasting from the edit page doesn't. I still have to figure out how to code the spoilers though. It seems like a css nightmare after watching a friend do it.
Thanks for the link. I had a few links but haven't combed through them yet. Guess that's on the to-do list for next week.